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Pederson: Antagonism acid Nelson Agholor

For football admirers in the spring, annihilation is possible.

For Eagles admirers in the spring, that bureau assertive in the accession of 2015 first-round ( to see more Madden NFL news at here) aces Nelson Agholor.

In two seasons, Agholor has 59 catches for 648 yards and three touchdowns. One of the endure debris of the Chip

Kelly era, Agholor fared bigger a division ago beneath new arch drillmaster Doug Pederson -- admitting boilerplate abreast the

expectations of a top-tier starter.

"As I've said all along, competition, man, sharpens you," Pederson said, via "And that's what I've apparent

from Nelson. He's done a abundant job already this spring."

Added Agholor himself: "I anticipate I was afraid about demography such a ample bound in a day. It's all about accepting bigger

consistently anniversary day, even if it's just a little bit. Some of the best players in this league, they didn't just

become absolutely abundant the aboriginal day they're there. It took a activity and connected progression every day, so that's

my focus appropriate now."

I bethink watching Agholor in the 2015 preseason accomplish a play adjoin the Colts that defied my expectations. While

that has yet to materialize, the raw abeyant is still there. This arrangement should be a little friendlier to

receivers -- and way added forgiving.

The catechism now is time. During training camp, Agholor's window will alpha closing fast. Will he accomplish abundant plays

to accumulate it open?

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