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And not the putty dry finishing coating will directly affect the future, and the most common problem is wall meeting "drum".Therefore, if the construction of the season, putty don't put it near the end of the project when it will meet again, the best time interval longer, or is the construction of a sunny day.
(Focus) Yesterday, Anxin Flooring endorsement by the Indian chiefs kicked off in the Ginza Plaza Jinan exhibition activities, From 5 Native Indians of the Amazon River in Brazil has been in close contact with Jinan public.As a leader in solid wood flooring industry in China, Shanghai anxin flooring company last year bought 1000 square kilometers of primeval forest in Brazil.
The current EMC annually from a total of 100 thousand cubic meters of imported timber in Brazil, accounting for 50% per cent of the country's timber exports, and has set up two factories in Brazil.
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