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Installation attention of floor

<p>real wood floor is mostly the floor kind that consumer likes, its price does not poor, comfortable and natural. Like that floor market good and evil people mixed up, consumer often disregarded the standard of real wood floor,Recycled Green Building materials for sale India illegal businessman is shoddy, damaged owner greatly people interest. How to differentiate give its grade difference? The country has corresponding level, there also is Zhang Ke follow when the choose and buy so, net of Chinese wood floor is below small make up everybody the relative standard of enumerate, everybody can learn! </p>

<p>The national level of real wood floor is GB/T15306&mdash;2001. This standard is carried out since May 1, 2002, former 94 standards are replaced at the same time. New GB was made to old GB be revised importantly and complement.Wooden Garbage Bin Supplier Uae Basically be the content that modified a few dimension and blemish, complemented to the standard that applicable tree plants says and be opposite Qi Ban's requirement, cancelled to pound the requirement of tenacity hardness and wearability respect to lumber at the same time. Main basis: </p>

<p>Exterior quality asks: With the section child how many with aperture of eat by moth, the more or less reachs paint film with degree mass of lamp of ripple of spot of bursa of size; colophony, marrow, crackle, treatment try to distinguish;</p>

<p>Physics is mechanical function: The wear-resisting degree of lacquer board surface reachs the adherent power of paint film. The hardness requirement off grade of moisture content and paint film class,self adhesive door panel mouldings the demand is consistent. </p>

<p>Classy article: Board face is eye of flawless, bug, decayed, bend, the blemish such as dead section. </p>

<p>B class board: Board face has afore-mentioned visible defect and depreciate of processing board piece,how to calculate deflection of wood stair the qualification that is equal to set at GB only tastes grade. </p>

<p>Instinctive quality board: Treatment place drenchs with UV of the colour that do not have lacquer lacquer craft, qi Se is transparent, true colors of lumber of can real report. </p>

<p>Palette: In the infuse in painting technology specific color, make quantity of lumber true essence, character and all blemish identify hard. </p>
<p>Above knowledge, can help you identify order and degree of real wood floor, avoid to be in at present market of real wood floor is mixed etc mix the case with severe course to fall, produce consumptive error, be deceived. </p>

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