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a lot of floor production enterprises

<p>The Chinese industry information release center will be the traditional solid wood flooring and solid wood flooring collectively referred to as solid wood flooring for statistics.<a href="">building on slight slope house</a> 2008 global financial crisis, resulting in consumer spending power decreased, consumer desire to reduce. In the face of the global economic shrinking, the elephant group decisively attacked, responded to the various policies of the country to deal with the crisis, actively studied the countermeasures,decorative wall cladding cape town paid attention to the consumption dynamics of consumers, and paid attention to the protection of consumers' rights and interests, The hearts of the image, so that the brand's influence fully play. In 2008, the two-digit growth of the elephant still fully demonstrated that the series of measures was appropriate. </p>
<p>In many initiatives, the icon that the consumer's support and concern is the key to smooth business crisis. Over the years the elephant group has always respected the consumer, <a href=''>plywood porch flooring options Greece</a>enthusiastically listen to the views of consumers. As a result of product quality and customer service superior performance, the elephant in the minds of consumers to establish a good brand image, with a large number of highly loyal consumer groups. Over the years to the consumer rights and high complaints rate of the floor market, the elephant has maintained a very low negative news. The elephant group has a small change, strong and weak.reverse board and batten plywood Even in the flooring industry has a close relationship with the real estate market into a trough, a lot of floor production enterprises into the predicament of 2008, the elephant group is still by virtue of its stable consumer groups and good products.</p>
<p>contrarian, all kinds of floor sales Ranking first in the country. "High quality", "quality service", "regarded as a consumer as God", the elephant to do just a few words by the enterprises,<a href="">wpc door canada dealer</a> businesses often linked to the words, firm execution down. Tireless, perseverance, in order to make a big environment in the case of bad feat. Jinqiao floor group to promote product sales, innovative marketing, met with Hengda Group, Greenland Group, Beijing, the Group and other well-known domestic real estate and decoration company signed a strategic cooperation agreement. In the first half,how to build built-in railing benches on deck Latin Am... has signed a floor sales contract 1.149 million square meters, is the implementation of the decoration contract subject amount of 8.68 million yuan, is negotiating the subject matter of the amount of $ 68.84 million. </p>

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