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What is the purchase technique of wood-plastic flooring?

1, should be in the regular company and its subordinate stores, shopping malls exhibition hall and building materials supermarket to buy. Formal company in the service is guaranteed. Should not greedy small cheap, in the so-called bricks to buy the shop to buy, so as not to service maintenance and other services problems, trouble endless. Ask the other party to issue a formal invoice.
2, imported products, suppliers should provide the latest customs declaration to ensure that the product is pure import. According to the relevant national laws and regulations: imported products should provide the relevant authority of the quality inspection report to ensure product quality.
3, to choose the product performance price is better, that is the same quality than the price, the same price than the quality of performance.
4, according to personal hobbies, living environment (such as light, etc.) to select the multi-layer solid wood flooring color, in general, light conditions are almost optional light, like a little bit of personality a little bit more optional color.
5, select the multi-layer solid wood flooring to choose the surface wear a little better. Currently on the market clay paint the surface of the coating is the best, which can touch the surface by hand, such as satin, with fingernails light stroke generally no trace to test.
6, to select the low formaldehyde content of the product. Because it relates to health and safety.
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