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participate in the floor exhibition

<p>Golden Eagle through the establishment of experience-style exhibition hall, objectively led the entire Chinese flooring industry shopping environment and construction quality improvement. - strengthen,<a href=''>metal fencing storage in london address Australia</a> solid wood two categories have a strong brand, solid wood composite in the three-tier solid wood is not, the Golden Eagle Iger to become a big fish on the river. When the 1000 companies are to 70% of the consumer service, the remaining 30% of the consumer group is very few people to touch, their pocket money,where can i find really large plastic containers the pursuit of quality of life, which gives the Golden Eagle Iger provided an opportunity.The 14th China International Ground Material & Pavement Technology Exhibition was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on March 27th. </p>
<p>As the most professional trade fair in the Asia-Pacific region,<a href="">combination block and wood fencing</a> it attracted the global flooring industry look. Sohu home reporter at the exhibition site interview to the chairman of the bridge chairman Song Jianlong - Today is very pleased to be able to interview Jinqiao floor Song total, Jinqiao floor has been for more than 10 years to participate in the floor exhibition, this year there are some new Song The feeling of it? The We participate in this exhibition every day, because we are relatively large flooring group, last year we produced sales of 3.5 million square meters of floor,[url= ]Green Composite Flooring Materials[/url] the vast majority or to provide this exhibition in Europe, we strive to highlight our characteristics and style. </p>
<p>The main feature is the three-tier solid wood, provided to the show is mainly free formaldehyde-made floor, we have now promised to start from April, to the country to provide formaldehyde-free floor.<a href=''>cost comparison 8 wood fence diy or panel</a> So I think this exhibition we have a lot of foreign businessmen, the domestic negotiations are also. Our main push product is no aldehyde floor, and now energy saving and environmental protection has also been put on a very important point of view,plastic flower window for balustrades images please tell us about our non-formaldehyde floor of the situation? no aldehyde manufacturing floor (no aldehyde artificial board market quotations, non-formaldehyde panel manufacturers directory) is mainly used in the course of life used in the adhesive no longer formaldehyde content. </p>

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