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Golden Gosoe Sneakers Sale Fitzgerald Grant III, the commander-in-chief in the ABC primetime soap Scandal, has not had a very easy first term. His time in office has been marked by infidelity, a stolen election and one failed assassination attempt. Nearly since the day he was inaugurated, Fitz (as portrayed by Tony Goldwyn) has dreamed of giving up the presidency in order to live a normal life with his advisor/mistress Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington). And yet, at every turn, he has backed down ' his destiny, his duty to the American people, has been too great.

But has America actually benefitted from having Fitz in office? As Scandal approaches its midseason finale, let's examine how good of a chief executive Fitzgerald Grant III has been throughout his first term.

Golden Goose Sale Fitz relaxes in the Oval Office during the episode "It's Handled" Eric McCandless / ABC Point: He cares about the American peopleIt's a point constantly hammered home by the people in the Grant White House. Unlike other politicians on Scandal ' nearly all of whom turn out to be lying, cheating, crooks ' Fitz isn't out for his own gain. He's "one of the good ones;" an idealist who sincerely cares about the fate of the country. Even in the dirty world of politics, Fitz's first instinct is to take the high road at every turn, and when he doesn't, that's usually because of back-room maneuvering on the part of his ostensible allies.Counterpoint: 鈥xcept when it comes to specific peopleHas any President since Nixon abused his power more than Fitz? The man employed a secret agent whose entire job was to stalk his ex girlfriend, and he's not been shy in using the privileges of his office to force Olivia to go his way. (How many times has the Secret Service appeared on Olivia's doorstep?) And most of his vaunted concern for the American people is just lip-service: He loves the country so much that he spends most of his first term lying to voters about what's really going on ' always for their own good, he tells himself. Also, he murdered a Supreme Court justice once, which would move any politician down a good-government scorecard. Fitz ponders his choices in the episode "A Door Marked Exit" Danny Feld / ABC Point: His ideas are soundPolitically, Fitzgerald Grant almost perfectly encapsulates Hollywood's ides about what a "good" Republican should be. He's the moderate governor of a coastal state (in this case, California) who spends as much time smacking down his conservative counterparts as he does battling Democrats. He refuses to let the CIA and Big Energy manipulate him into a rash war with East Sudan, and domestically his platform is full of popular, centrist ideas like the DREAM Act and a national volunteer program for higher education.Counterpoint: 鈥ut he hasn't actually accomplished muchYes, he has two notable foreign-policy accomplishments: handling out the East Sudan situation without going to war, and rescuing captured CIA agents in Afghanistan. But those were both crises the U.S. found itself in, which speaks to one of Fitz's major weaknesses as President. He's disturbingly passive for a Commander-in-Chief. Sure, the Senate is controlled by the opposition (Edison, a Democrat, is the Senate Majority Leader) but when his signature education plan fails shortly after his inauguration, we rarely see Fitz make another policy push.

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