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the floor of the first goal

<p>our production capacity is 16 times." Lin Dalun said that this scale in the three-tier solid wood production plant is not only China's largest, And the largest in Asia. The control of the resources to Lin Dalun wings more hard up,<a href=''>how to build a sliding fence frame</a> he obviously do not want to stay in the "pilot" position, his goal is to do "three-tier solid wood single largest brand", not only to have the largest size of the floor, and Production should be the largest, color varieties should be the most,vinyl cover for 2x6 fence rail a veritable "floor alternative." However, only "alternative" is not enough, even in hundreds of floor camps stand out, Lin Dalun did not meet his ideal is to Golden Eagle as a starting point, to do a luxury brand, to those who will most enjoy Living people to provide top household products and fashion products. </p>
<p>Asia can be translated into 'Asia', why our brand can not be called 'A Island'?" In Tsinghua University study, a simulation lesson plan so that Lin Dalun has been unable to forget, he hopes to make this simulation into reality.<a href="">anti uv outdoor wall coverings</a> At that time the professor's comments on this lesson plan is: "When you out of the product, I would like to do your Italian distributor." Lin Dalun that can start from the furniture, the "A" as a luxury brand to operate, "Golden Eagle Iger And then develop a section, the plan can be implemented. " If there is such a furniture, the drawer is made of Chinese silk,white wall waterproofing panels for basement wall glass replaced Swarovski crystal, you will not heart it? Lin Dalun's heart, and his dream of luxury gradually in his mind getting closer.</p>
<p> At that time, when people later recollection Lin Dalin phrase "we do the brand will always only for those who seek the quality of life services", may be more understanding of "Golden Eagle Iger" brand name "eagle" meaning.<a href="">modulus of elasticity of upvc</a> Thinking about the life philosophy and brand management tips - I do the floor of the first goal is not to make money, because I had a warmer stage. God let me into this industry, understand the floor of the knowledge and technology, not let me bring fool people, but to really put a good thing to introduce, promote out. - I chose the product when it was a floor fan, like a a composite deck ok for above ground pools From two years ago I was from the perspective of architecture to see the floor, the pursuit of how to use space to get the greatest beauty, the big house on the big floor. </p>

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