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than the solid wood decking

<p>This is only sold to 30% to buy a house of alternative brands under the leadership of Lin Dalan,<a href="">composite wood gazebos for sale</a> "international vision" for the market, in a "eat crab" to create a miracle. Lin Dalun's ideal is not only to the Golden Eagle Iger hit the Chinese market on the third layer of solid wood the largest single brand, but also to make a top luxury brand to "A" momentum out of Asia, to the world. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Golden Eagle brand, Lin Dalun, general manager of the Golden Eagle Iger brand, accepted the interview of "China's Home This Year" column, the mood can be described as " great. In 2007 the first "Golden Week", in the "China's domestic boom barometer,concrete pool deck coatings" said the home of the North Fourth Ring store, to achieve the 200 million in sales, the first time more than the elephant and Nature, ranked first in floor sales.</p>
<p>May 7 day in the North actually a store to sell 500,000 yuan, the customer line up to 8 o'clock in the evening." Lin Dalun said, before the house in the home Jinyuan shop, Shilihe shop and Beijing Building Materials Economic and Trade Building But also had more than the performance of the brand like the elephant, but actually the home of the North Fourth Ring store sales are "groundbreaking",how to make ugly wood bookcase look like wood "Golden Eagle Iger's historic moment" because "China's best home market in Beijing, Beijing is the best channel is actually, actually the best shop is the North actually ". Lin Dalun's "good mood" due to the Golden Eagle Iger is a positioning as a "niche" floor brand, the main three-tier solid wood flooring, the price is more expensive than the solid wood, "only to be affordable housing 30% consumer service" , <a href="">dark green composite decking</a>"The elephant sign 4 single, we may only sign a single". </p>
<p>In the number of square meters on the number of Golden Eagle may be less than some Volkswagen brand, but because the unit price contributed to the total sales of more,<a href=''>3 ft composite fence</a> this thing spread to who will be overjoyed, not to mention the location of the pride of positioning Lin Dalun it? "International vision" achievements of high-end brand Lin Dalen over the years in the floor to play a lot of "generous": 1999 the first to introduce lock technology,plastic lumber in uk "a hundred years together," the meaning of the successful completion of the "lock revolution"; 2002,2003 The introduction of the German design faction, the Finnish design to send pure imported high-end flooring.</p>

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