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overall floor sales will appear

<p>a number of website survey: more than 70% of consumers said that the recent purchase of real estate 17173, and even about three percent of consumers think , House prices fell less than 30% determined not to buy. And well-known economists analysis,<a href="">installing a new deck over an existing deck</a> the real estate market will begin in April into the observation period, the cycle when in about two to three months. During this period,chair made with composite decking consumers will be waiting for the implementation of government regulation and control policies, and by observing the implementation of the follow-up rules on the 10th document to determine the timing of purchase. After the observation period, the major cities in the country (with the recent rapid rise in house prices a second-tier cities mainly) the real estate market will usher in a price Qi situation, the market as a whole into the adjustment period. </p>
<p>Through the above analysis we can know that the real estate market turnover of short-term atrophy has been unavoidable,<a href="">Choose Wood Plastic Flooring Tips</a> the impact on the floor consumption I believe that the main: 1, due to the impact of the floor by the property process has at least two months of lag, So this year's "51" during the floor sales will not be a great impact, but in view of the late confused market judgments, the major companies may be "51" as the New Deal after the implementation of this year's most important promotional festivals, so here 2, in view of the impact of the New Deal control of the "small property room", less than 90 square meters of the first set of housing and new delivery support,how many 6 foot fence panels are needed for 72 ft "11" during the National Day floor sales by 10 The impact of the document is less than the extent of decline in commercial housing turnover. </p>
<p>But at this time happens to be in the adjustment period (after the end of the observation period and then lag two months after the calculation), the major cities in 6,7,8 months of real estate turnover after a significant decline in the process, the overall floor sales will appear The first decline since the second half of 2009,unfinished mixed hardwood flooring I believe that the decline is probably not less than 10-15% over the same period last year, while the second-tier market competition tends to white-hot; 3, to 2011, 10 file follow-up measures and market expectations have been clear Focus on real estate network, housing prices fell to a certain location after the start of stability. As the rigid demand for housing consumption still exists,<a href="">outdoor floor heavy duty wood</a> so at this time on the real needs of consumers living in the wait and see after the gradual acceptance of the land after the property prices.</p>

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