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Emperor resembles Guo Hui: Support network advances whole to live in

<p>allude cork floor, it seems that mostly little person knows this kind of floor is very expensive, outdoor flower pots manufacturer in New Zealandgo above crural feeling is cozy, do not know the relevant knowledge of cork floor however. Which a few kinds of kinds does cork floor have after all? What kind of cork floor board should different environment choose? Let net of Chinese wood floor small make up look together. </p>

<p>Cork floor divides in all kind as follows:</p>

<p>The first kind: Cork floor surface does not have any overburden, this product is the most inchoate. </p>

<p>The 2nd kind: Besmear outfit is made in cork floor surface. Install UV varnish or paint or photosensitive varnish PVA in besmear of cementation corky surface namely.Sound Absorbing Composite Boards Use For Furniture Plant according to lacquer different, can divide again it is 3 kinds, namely Gao Guang, inferior light and zero dioptre. This is the technology of 90 time, this kind of product asks to cork floor surface the area is higher, the soft timber that uses namely is purer. </p>

<p>The 3rd kind: PVC sticks a face, enclothe PVC to stick a face in cork floor surface namely, its structure is 4 normally: </p>

<p>Surface layer uses PVC to stick a face, its ply decorates its ply the 2nd layer to be three-layer of 0.8mm; to be cementation cork layer for natural cork for 0.45mm; its ply is 1.8mm;Pvc Moisture Resistant Decking Belfast  the most rock-bottom hold waterproof PVC layer concurrently evenly for stress, this one is very important, if do not have this, solid hind is heated up when material when make, refrigeration of PVC surface layer is contractive, will make whole floor produces warp. </p>

<p>This kind of floor favors currently by two ground consumer of Beijing Shanghai. </p>

<p>The 4th kind: Polyvinyl chloride sticks a face, ply is natural material the 2nd layer for 0.45mm; , its ply is three-layer of 0.45mm; to be cementation cork, it is good that its ply controls; ground floor to be PVC board and the 3rd kind of same water proofing property for 2mm, Vinyl Decking Veneers For Bookshelf  make board face stress is balanced again at the same time, its ply is 0.2mm left and right sides. </p>

<p>The 5th kind: Plastic cork floor, floor of colophony cementation cork, balata cork floor.

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