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Dynamically Hide Large Animals

Not a day moves that I do certainly not see users complaining of poor game performance because of others pets in packed areas. This seems to become a common problem in my eyes which i know many people would appreciate an answer for.

Imagine this:
There is an option in the graphics menu to obscure some pets, or perhaps all dogs and cats, when an area is crowded with X volume of players in some living space. This will allow users who experience poor performance due to pets and players staying so numerous sometimes, to have a better experience within the game.

There are some benefits and drawbacks that I have talked about with players in sport.

Better performance in packed areas.
Does not remove just about all pets, all the time. This helps counteract the con listed below.
Allows the player to own more control over their hands per hour experience.

Players who worked hard for pets / payed real life currency for pets will have no guarantee of displaying them off to every single player.

I am sure it's probably been suggested before, with the number involving players I see mention it in game. However, I do not see any reference to why this feature is missing from your game anywhere on this forums/reddit.

Anyway, I appreciate you taking the time to read this concept.( Here is more [url=Runescape 2007 Gold]cheap Runescape 2007 Gold[/url]).  Any feedback, positive or negative, is welcome and appreciated.

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