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Beautiful floor heating product leads " low carbon " agitation

<p>In cold winter, heating is the topic that people often speaks of. Rise ceaselessly as a result of price of the sources of energy in recent years, the family that gives winter heating brings heavy burden,outdoor patio leak proof deck flooring the people before choosing energy-saving heating product to become item is pressing need. The floor heating product of beautiful central air conditioning gets the attention of people. </p>

<p>Traditional heating pattern has 3 kinds: Concentration lights heating of gas stove heating, air conditioning heating, solely. Center heating invest first very big, join conduit is too long, cause very big loss;modern composite wood cladding to light gas stove heating to suffer light gas to rise in price influence, moving cost is high, fare of heating of air conditioning of; of environment of zoology of influence of eduction waste gas is low at the same time, it is room temperature only hard even,plastic wood over concrete and cause on the body that sirocco blows a person dry and unwell. </p>

<p>Beautiful floor heating product hot water machine evolves and can come from beautiful air, used the principle of air conditioning likewise, just undertake caloric is moved move, collect the quantity of heat outdoor in the cold intermediary of heating equipment, repass cold intermediary and water undertake heating up exchange. Suffer heating current to into the radiating tube below the floor, send out quantity of heat to the room through the floor next. Because steam rises from the floor ceaselessly, let most cold-blooded foot rises warm up first, room temperature is achieved easily also even, High Quality Art Parquet Solid Wood Flooringhuman body feels very comfortable. Produced carried energy loss only as a result of the course that run, so of beautiful floor heating product can effect comparing and air conditioning slightly tall, save many cost than centering heating, heating burning gas, it is current one of the most energy-saving heating products. Because do not have combustion, without safe hidden trouble, do not have exhaust emission at the same time, have main effect to protecting an environment, by &rdquo; of young prince of low carbon of Yu Wei . </p>

<p>Beautiful central air conditioning still provided collect heating and hot water the air at an organic whole can hot water machine, hot water amount is large, follow along with have. As we have learned, beautiful air can hot water machine needs only for a time electric specific power consumption, production hot water amount lets a person enjoy comfortable hot spring bath in the home with respect to enough. The innovation science and technology of beautiful central air conditioning supplied advanced energy-saving equipment for heating industry, to concept of &rdquo; of low carbon of &ldquo; of carry out travel, found green surroundings to have the effect that advertise. </p>

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