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Why should vigorously promote the wood-plastic materials

I believe in the material industry friends know, wood-plastic composite material is relatively pure wood some, but with the development of science and technology, the cost of wood and plastic decreased a lot, in the composite data in the use of plastic recovery can also further reduce costs. Even in the face of the current capital structure, many consumers still choose to rely on the strengths of these composite materials and bear a relatively high price.
1, polyolefin wood-plastic composite materials, good mechanical properties, can be widely used for carrying structural data, and 100% and then use, low cost.
2, do not need normal maintenance, the use of long life than wood Not moisture, tide, not decay, pest control, no break, cracking, no deformation, cold and hot environment is not sensitive.
3, environmentally friendly: the use of renewable materials (wood and plastic) do not need to be anti-corrosion disposal.
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