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Elite Skill: Archaeology - rs

This is an Elite Skill concept which a friend of mine and I have been brewing for some time period.
Archaeology Skill Concept:

Elite Skill: Requires 80 Mining, 80 Crafting and 80 Thieving, access to Kudos Island
Acquire this skill at Kudos Island and talking to the Dig Lead Coordinator should you have 80 Mining, Crafting and Thieving. He will give you a Findings Pouch and teach you a short tutorial how the skill ( for more Runescape Gold to building  your skill) works.

Tool belt Category: Tool required to be included with the Tool belt to complete Excavations:
Specimen Brush
Rock Pick


Open your abilities in order to find the Excavate ability. Using this ability will execute a several second animation before placing you in an instance in a region randomly generated using the scenery from the spot you’re in. You will be given 10 minutes to locate and excavate all 5 relics from the site.

Use your spade to help dig on plots. Digging in each spot will give one of several following messages:

1: Nothing here, keep looking. (There is simply no relic nearby)
2: A few Small Broken phrases. You’re getting close. (There is some sort of relic within 5 spaces of their spot)
3: Several Medium Fragments. Something is nearby. (There is some sort of relic within 3 spaces of these spot)
4: Lots of Large Broken phrases. You’re right on top from it! (There is any relic within 1 space of their spot)
5: You’ve found a relic! (There is some sort of relic on that place)

Each time you investigate a plot, it will change look to show that it is checked and what ended up being there:
1: Nothing: An empty hole.
2: Small Fragments: There will be small shards scattered round the plot.
3: Medium Fragments: There will be medium shards from the ground.
4: Large Fragments: There will be a couple of large shards sticking out of the dirt.
5: Relic: There will be a full relic sticking out of the dirt.

At any time during an excavation, you may right select a plot with Fragments and choose “Salvage” to accumulate the Fragments. This will cause the Relic connected to these Fragments to despawn together with all other Fragments linked to that Relic. Salvaging Large Fragments gives more Fragments than Salvaging Channel Fragments, which gives more Broken phrases than Salvaging Small Pieces. The first option when simply clicking on a Relic will become “Excavate”. Excavating a Relic takes time; this time is dependent on which kind of Relic it is, as well as your own Archaeology level. Relics may be Savaged rather then Excavated, giving the same amount of Fragments as Salvaging Substantial Fragments.

When digging up some sort of Relic, each tick has an opportunity to damage the Relic. The more times it really is damaged, the less xp gotten from fully harvesting this. If a single Relic is damaged over 4 times, it will break, giving Fragments instead and 50% Relic Harvesting xp. Harvesting a Relic provides Fragments, experience, and a Relic. Each category of Relic has its tiers: Common, Uncommon and Rare.


Hotspots are locations it is possible to track down where rare Relics are available more frequently. Normally, excavating rewards mostly common Relics using a rare chance to identify a rare Relic. Hotspots have a greater possible opportunity to reward rare Relics and definately will always have at very least 1 rare Relic.
To find a Hotspot, open your Abilities in order to find the “Locate Hotspot” potential and activate it. Your character will scout the area and determine the location in the nearest Hotspot. You will be provided the cardinal direction it is best to head in, as well as an email designating how far away you're.
There are always 12 Hotspots within the world. Each time a Hotspot is usually excavated, it will disappear as well as a new one will spawn somewhere random on the globe. Hotspots will also randomize everyday at reset. A board at the Digsite can be looked at containing a map of the world showing active Hot spots. This map will add the venue of 1 Hotspot per hour up to a maximum of 6. Every daily reset, the board will reset with the Hotspots and have 3 random Hotspots pinned into it.

Excavation Team: As you train Archaeology, each day you may go to the Dig Site to encounter NPCs you can recruit for your Excavation Crew. You may have 10 total associates, though only 2 can be brought to a Dig at a time. The higher your Archaeology level, the more likely you’ll entice better members. Each member has a random mixture of stats summed from the 3 stat categories.( follow the next post)

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5 Basic Team New member Variants:

Bodyguard: Takes agro from predators and fights.

Precision: How much damage it deals.
Discipline: How much health it's got.
Expertise: How quickly it recovers via being knocked-out.

Site Coordinator: Will occasionally spot Fragments to suit your needs, marking them; this will always be fragments at a relic you haven’t found yet( Rs Gold is more important in the game). On finding Small Pieces, will direct you which way you could find the Large Fragments.

Precision: How closely to some sort of Relic it marks Fragments.
Expertise: Advises closer to actual direction of Relic right after finding Fragments.
Discipline: How often it will certainly spot Fragments.

Archaeologist: Works independently searching regarding Relics. Will excavate Relics it finds for you personally. You receive the Relic or longer to full xp like you excavated it. Is capable of harmful Relics. Can be interrupted by simply attacking enemies.

Precision: Increases how quickly Archaeologist paths down Relics.
Expertise: Increases xp received by Archaeologist Excavating Relics.
Discipline: Increases movement speed along with how quickly Relics tend to be excavated by Archaeologist.

Dig Intern: Will help dig upwards Relics when found. Will increase up to help roughly double how rapid you excavate. Collects Fragments for people when uncovering Fragments. Is capable of harmful Relics.

Precision: Increases the Number involving Fragments collected when looking up Fragment plots.
Expertise: Decreases chance of destructive Relic when digging.
Discipline: Increases speed it aids excavate Relics.

Museum Curator: Increases the number of Fragments recovered from a dig to up to help double. After digging up a new Relic, it will offer to allow you to trade it for additional Fragments and xp roughly corresponding to half the amount received for digging it way up. Increases time of any Dig.

Precision: Increases amount of Fragments rewarded from digs.
Expertise: Increases amount of xp honored for handing over excavated Relics.
Discipline: Increase time available inside a Dig.

There is also 1 Concealed Character Variant:
This character can become recruited though specific suggest.

Grave-robber: Can be assigned for you to excavate Relics you’ve found so you may move on to a higher excavation. While unassigned to Relics, will fight off enemies and may loot relics and fragments from corpses.

Precision: Increases how quickly assigned Relics are excavated.
Expertise: Increases how effective Grave-robber is at combat.
Discipline: Increases amount of Fragments looted and possibility of looting a Relic through corpses.

Member Perks: Each character will have got between 0-2 random perks. There are Class Distinctive perks and Agnostic benefits. A single character may only have no more than 1 Class Perk in addition to 1 Agnostic Perk.

Bodyguard Perks:

Victory Rush: Each kill heals a bit and increases movement speed for a few days.

Quick Recovery: Reduces time to get over knock-outs and recovers health after a while.

Reinvigorated: Immediately takes agro coming from all enemies upon recovering from knock-out.

Site Coordinator Perks:

Diviner: Chance to immediately spot the latest Fragment after finishing Digging up a Relic.

Keen Sight: Chance to spot a Relic that is not one of the 5 set. (Adds another Relic towards dig)

Perceptive: Increased chance to come across Rare items when Digging up Relics.

Archaeologist Perks:

Meticulous Digger: Increases chance of damaging Relic, but the Relic can't break.

Camouflage: Enemies will ignore Archaeologist.

Enthusiastic: Recovering a Relic increases Precision for a while.

Dig Intern Perks:

Scavenger: Has a chance to locate a Relic when gathering Pieces.

Astute: Breaking a Relic can still grant full xp however gives no Fragments.

Studious: Collecting Fragments greatly increases Discipline for awhile.

Museum Curator Perks:

Overtime: If time runs out and about while excavating a Relic, the dig will not end and soon you stop excavating, either by finishing or maybe being attacked.

Bartering: Trading Relics for xp funds bonus Fragments.

Early Closing: If all Relic tend to be recovered before time extends out, bonus xp and Fragments are awarded according to how much time is remaining.

Grave-Robber Perks:

Looter: Chance on kills to reward double Fragment/Relic benefits from corpse.

Bloodthirsty: Kills increase Expertise by 5 for that remainder of the Excavation

Self-Made: Chance to steal a Excavated Relic, increasing all stats by 25 for the remainder of the Excavation.

Agnostic Perks:

Greedy: This character will please take a portion of your fragments collected during each get. (5-10%)

Pacer: This character starts down excavations with movements along with actions 50% slower than normal all of which will increase in speed as much as 125% within 5 minutes.

Lead-Footed: This character has a chance to damage exposed relics as soon as walking near them.

Slacker: Character actions have an opportunity to cause the character to adopt a break a couple of seconds. (10% chance upon each action completion to stop completely for 10 a few moments. )

Sprinter: This character starts down excavations with movements in addition to actions 50% faster than normal all of which will decrease in speed because of 75% within 5 a few minutes.

Trepidation: This character’s actions slow when enemies are regional. This does not affect Bodyguards until greater than 1 enemy is community.

Sloppy: Reduces Precision stat of most members in the Excavation by 25.

Unruly: Reduces Discipline stat of most members in the Excavation by simply 25.

Incompetent: Reduces Expertise of all members from the Excavation by 25.

Peer-checker: Increases Precision stat of most members in the Excavation by simply 15.

Role-model: Increases Discipline stat off members in the Excavation by simply 15.

Proficient: Increases Expertise stat of members in the Excavation by 15.

Introvert: If this character would be the only member on a great Excavation, it gets +25% activity speed and +25 in all of the stats.

Gambler: A Relic being Excavated has time to Increase or Decrease involves character’s stats by approximately 5.

Shifty: 15% chance at the conclusion of an excavation for one of several excavated Relics to “disappear. ”


There are 7 types of Relics:

General: Found in and about human cities/towns and low Wilderness.

Elven: Found in Elven Countries.

Dwarf: Found in Dwarven places.

Aviansie: Found in Godwars.

Goblin: Found in Goblin negotiations.

Dragonkin: Found in Kethsi and also metallic dragon dungeons.

Mahjarrat: Found in deep Wilds.

Pantheon: Found in Desert

Resources found during Excavations:

Relics: The primary resource currently being gathered. Used to create Artifacts. There are 5 guaranteed Relics you can find per Excavation.

Fragments: A secondary Resource. Used in conjunction with Relics to create Artifacts. Typically find a couple of thousand per Excavation ( click the follow link Cheap Runescape Gold ).

Rare Finds: An item rarely rewarded by the end of an Excavation. Each Excavation Category (Normal, Elven, Etc. ) Has its own Rare Finds that may be found.

Creating Artifacts:

As you level upwards in Archaeology, you can discover study, and research new Artifact quality recipes.

Each Category of Relic has its own unique Artifacts which can be made using the Artefacts, Fragments, and tertiary items.

Artifacts fall into only two Categories. Rare Artifacts and Essential Artifacts.

Rare Artifacts are items you possibly can build with unique effects and abilities you can take advantage of.

Basic Artifacts are items simply meant to consume Relics and Fragments for any chunk of xp. These can be sold towards the Museum for a amount of coin dependent on the tier of the Basic Artifact:

Basic Artifact 0: 500 Fragments; The museum may be interested in this. (5k)

Basic Artifact 1: 1000 Fragments, 1 Uncommon Relic; The Museum would give me a small reward for this. (25k)

Basic Artifact 2: 5000 Fragments, 3 Uncommon Relics; The Museum would give me a big reward for this. (100k)

Basic Artifact 3: 10, 000 Fragments, 5 Uncommon Relics; The Museum would give me a huge reward for this. (250k)

Basic Artifact 4: 25, 000 Fragments, 10 Uncommon Relics, 1 Rare Relic (Relics has to be Mahjarrat or Dragonkin solely); The Museum is likely to want to see this… (750k)

Construction Room:

At level 80 Construction, players may build any Specimen Room for 350, 000 coins. Within the room, several structures may always be built for benefits to the Archaeology skill.

Table Slot:

Lv 80: Research Table: 3 Mahogany Planks, 1 Steel Bar, 1 Specimen Brush
Allows for disassembly of Artifacts to learn how to reproduce them.


The last post:

Display Case Slot 1:

Lv 81: Relic Display Case: 4 Mahogany Planks, 4 Molten Glass
Up to 4 Rare Relics can be stored and displayed below. May be admired once daily granting 1000 bonus experience for every single unique Relic on exhibit, all to a haphazard skill.

Lv 91: Ornate Relic Display Circumstance: 4 Marble Blocks, 4 Molten Glass, 2 Gold Leaves
Up to 7 Rare Relics could be stored and displayed here. May be admired once each day granting 1000 bonus experience ( Buy Runescape Gold in the game to improve your LV ) per unique Relic on display, all to a random skill.

Display Case Slot only two:

Lv 83: Artifact Display Case: 4 Mahogany Planks, 4 Molten Glass
Up to 4 Rare Finds could possibly be stored and displayed in this article. May be studied once each day to provide a enhance to Archaeology experience by means of 10%, the duration of that is equal to 5 units per unique Rare Uncover on display.

Lv 93: Ornate Artifact Display Case: 4 Marble Blocks, 4 Molten Glass, 2 Gold Leaves
Up to 7 Rare Finds can be stored and displayed in this article. May be studied once every day to provide a enhance to Archaeology experience through 10%, the duration of which is equal to 5 a few minutes per unique Rare Uncover on display.

Map Slot:

Lv 84: Hotspot Map: 3 Teak Plank, 9 Papyrus
Functions the same because the Hotspot Map at the actual Digsite.

Bench Slot:

Lv 82: Basic Scouting Bench: 3 Oak Planks, 1 Steel Bar, 4 Papyrus
When used, marks a Hotspot in your map that was certainly not yet marked. Maximum of 3 uses daily.

Lv 88: Advanced Scouting Bench: 3 Teak Planks, 1 Adamant Bar, 6 Papyrus
When used, marks a Hotspot on your own map that was not yet marked. Maximum of 6 uses each day.

Lv 94: Expert Scouting Bench: 3 Mahogany Planks, 1 Rune Bar, 8 Papyrus
When used, marks a Hotspot with your map that was definitely not yet marked. Maximum of 9 uses daily.

Crate Slot:

Lv 86: Fragment Barrel: 5 Oak Planks, 1 Steel Bar
Fragments may be deposited or withdrawn on the Barrel. When the Barrel will be full at 100, 000 Fragments, the Barrel may be deliver to the museum, destroying all Fragments, for 100, 000 Archaeology Experience.

Lv 90: Relic Barrel: 6 Oak Planks, 3 Steel Bar
Relics may be deposited or withdrawn in the Barrel. When the Barrel will be full at 100 Artefacts, the Barrel may be delivered to the museum, destroying all Relics, for 250, 000 Archaeology Experience. Rare Relics count since 2.

Skeleton Slot:

Lv 81: Human Skeleton: 1 Human Skull, 1 Oak Plank, 1 Bones.

Lv 83: Goblin Skeleton: 1 Goblin Skull, 1 Oak Plank, 1 Bones.

Lv 85: Dwarf Skeleton: 1 Dwarf Skull, 1 Oak Plank, 1 Bones.

Lv 87: Elf Skeleton: 1 Elf Skull, 1 Oak Plank, 1 Bones.

Lv 89: Aviansie Skeleton: 1 Aviansie Skull, 1 Oak Plank, 1 Bones.

Lv 91: Scabarite Skeleton: 1 Scabarite Skull, 1 Oak Plank, 1 Bones.

Lv 93: Mahjarrat Skeleton: 1 Mahjarrat Skull, 1 Oak Plank, 1 Big Bones.

Lv 95: Dragonkin Skeleton: 1 Dragonkin Skull, 1 Oak Plank, 1 Dragon Bones.

Each Skeleton increases the possibility of finding Rare Relics and Rare Finds due to the category by 5%

The Skulls used to make the Skeletons are identified as Rare Finds in Excavations in their respective Category.


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