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PARADISE VALLEY, Ariz. Sidney Jones Eagles Jersey . -- Major League Baseball owners and the players union remain at work on drafting a rule that would ban home-plate collisions. MLB Chief Operating Officer Rob Manfred said Thursday that owners "fully expect" to have a rule in place, hopefully this season, but that talks are ongoing. Joe Torre, MLBs executive vice-president for baseball operations, said that the rule, in essence, will "make sure a baserunner cant purposely bowl over" a catcher. Torre says the mentality of runners rounding third and wanting to score at any cost will have to change. "Theres going to be some inadvertent contact that youre not going to be able to avoid," Torre said, "only because the catcher has to go catch the ball." Players association Tony Clark anticipates approval of the rule for this season. A former catcher, manager and broadcaster, Torre said he was approached about a possible rule change in 2011 by San Francisco manager Bruce Bochy after Giants catcher Buster Posey sustained a severe, season-ending ankle injury in a home-plate collision. "I talked to Bruce Bochy because he was very concerned," Torre said. "At the time, I said anything that makes sense Ill look at it, but I really didnt see anything that made sense to make sure it doesnt affect our game in a negative manner." But as time passed and more injuries occurred, the idea of a rule change grew more plausible, Torre said. "Weve had minor league injuries," he said. "Ive had letters from parents about what happened to their youngsters." Torre spoke with a series of managers, including St. Louis Mike Matheny, a former catcher. "We all know he had to give up the playing part of it because of the concussions, the number he sustained," Torre said. "Theres an 18-month period of his life that he cant recollect. You have to pay attention to that." Sidney Jones Youth Jersey .com) - Real Madrid claimed its 20th consecutive win across all competitions by cruising to a 4-1 victory at Almeria on Friday. Derek Barnett Youth Jersey . They wanna make t-shirts about it and sell them at our next hockey game..DB: Wow, they want to make t-shirts? That sounds pretty amazing.MS: Yeah, I was also on the Top 10, I was number 1 today, so that was pretty cool. . "Opinion: Womens World Cup is the best Soccer of the year," Hanks tweeted to his 8.73 million followers on Friday. "Hey FIFA, they deserve real grass. Put in sod.ST. LOUIS -- David Ross never expected to be on a World Series podium. That seat is for stars, not for grey-bearded baseball journeyman, not for backup catchers knocked onto the disabled list for much of the summer by foul tips. "The trip Ive taken this year, I never thought Id be here, There were times I was questioning whether my career was over," he said Monday night with a smile that brightened the interview room. "Im playing in the World Series, so just this whole skit is just -- Im up here talking to you guys, this is pretty cool, right?" The very definition of a bench player -- a backup catcher who has never gotten more than 311 at-bats in a season -- Ross got the biggest hit of the year thus far for the Boston Red Sox, nearly completing his long-and-winding trek to a World Series title. Ross pulled a hanging curveball down the left-field line that landed just a few inches fair in the seventh inning, driving in the go-ahead run and boosting the Red Sox over the St. Louis Cardinals 3-1 for a 3-2 World Series lead. Now 36, Rosss sandy-colored beard makes him look more aging rocker than dashing athlete. A veteran of six major league organizations, he signed last November for his second tour with the Red Sox, his team for part of 2008. His season began to come apart on May 11, when he took a pair of foul tips off his mask against Toronto. He went on the DL for two weeks and went into a 3-for-22 slide when he returned. Then he got whacked in the mask by another foul at Baltimore on June 14. "I got home and my wife said, Youre not right," he recalled. "And they did some tests and kind of concluded I wasnt right. Then I tried to come back fast, not giving enough credit to really what a concussion is. As athletes we feel like we can get through anything, and I couldnt. I stunk for a good two weeks, three weeks, and my wife finally was like, If you dont tell the doctors, Im going to." The Red Sox sent him to Pittsburgh to be examined on June 20 by Dr. Mickey Collins, a concussion specialist. Ross didnt play for Boston again until Aug. 20. "We try to do mind over matter sometimes, and the hardest part when youre going through something like that is just you dont have a cast on or you didnt have surgery," Ross said. "I looked fine, but I wasnt right. Its hard to look your teammates in the eye when youre going through something like that and see if youre bowing out or not, with the questions that they have. Because I used to do the same thing. Concussion, just push through it. Youre not tough enough orr something like that. Sidney Jones Jersey. " But now he knew what it was like. "Headaches and dizziness and all the symptoms, couldnt ride in a car, couldnt be in crowded places," he said, "but did all the exercises Mickey put me through and slowly came back. And thank goodness my hitting has come around, because I stunk there for a while." With Jarrod Saltalamacchia in a 6-for-32 (.188) post-season slump, Ross got the opportunity of his 12-year major league career. Hes caught Jon Lesters last four post-season starts, impressing Red Sox manager John Farrell with their rapport. "Were all excited for him, and were glad hes doing it and hope he keeps on doing it," first baseman Mike Napoli said. Lester credited Ross for his dazzling performance. "Did a good job of keeping me calm, keeping me in the game," he said. Ross was 1 for 9 in the Series before his fifth-inning single. He stepped to the plate in the seventh against Adam Wainwright following a single by rookie Xander Bogaerts and a walk by Stephen Drew, took a called strike, watched a ball and then fouled off a pitch. When Wainwright left a 79-mph hanger up, Ross pounced. If the ball hadnt bounced into the stands, Drew would have scored, too, but he came around on Jacoby Ellsburys single as Ross was thrown out at the plate by centre fielder Shane Robinson. Ross had never seen himself as a Series star. "Im kind of more of a keep-my-head-down-and-work-hard kind of guy," he said, "Im not the type of player who can plan out all these goals. Thats probably why it hadnt sunk in yet of what all this is, because Im worried about Game 6 already. Theres a pit in my stomach already." After it was over, already showered and dressed for the flight home, he was given a televised postgame news conference. He called it "the signature moment" of his career. "Im just in awe of being in the World Series, really," he said, turning around to look at the MLB logos on the backdrop behind him, as if he wasnt quite sure they were real. "Thats when you see people on TV," he said excitedly. "Im stoked!" Ross has answered questions for 14 minutes, yet he still didnt want to leave the room. "Jon Lester is waiting to come in," announced Phyllis Merhige, an MLB senior vice-president. "You can stay as long as you like." "Can I sit up here while hes up here?" Ross asked. And so he did, sitting alongside Lester and David Ortiz, savoring the night of his career just a little bit longer. Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Jerseys From China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys ' ' '

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