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the flooring industry is not fast consumer goods

<p>He believes that the flooring industry is not fast consumer goods, want to form a long-term reputation, it requires all products are more conducive to consumers,<a href="">WPC Material Flooring Options</a> which is the company introduced the reasons for zero paint products. According to the Golden Eagle Iger sales staff, this "paint zero" floor and ordinary floor is the biggest difference is that the floor surface coated with plant essential oil instead of paint.building horizontal fence panels In the flooring industry, in recent years has been the standard of formaldehyde, which also allows consumers to form a blind spot, that as long as formaldehyde qualified, the floor will not have environmental problems. The use of poor quality paint, the harm to the human body is also great.</p>
<p> Especially the children will not walk will crawl on the ground,<a href=''>diy fence picket benches</a> it is easy to lick to the floor, if the paint is not qualified to meet the poor quality of the paint to eat inside the stomach, and this plant essential oil paint is linen Oil, castor oil, soybean oil, coconut oil and other pure plant extracts, no chemical composition. Paint the floor is absolutely environmentally friendly, that is only the absolute paint-free floor in order to ensure that people's health? Lin Dalun think this is a misunderstanding. Qualified paint in the use is also able to ensure the safety of the human body.[url= ]Wood Plastic Flower Planter Boxes[/url] He believes that if the paint floor is ordinary water, paint zero floor is pure water. Ordinary water can be eaten, but pure water is to remove all the harmful substances in the water, it is a "more" environmentally friendly products. </p>
<p>Yesterday, by the China Forest Products Industry Association flooring committee hosted the "flooring industry first national patent rights activities" comprehensive end. Lin Senlin,[url= ]How to Build Swimming Pool Decking[/url] president of the Association of Forest Products, said that this is the national flooring industry, and even the Forest Products Industry Association organized the first formal maintenance of intellectual property activities, rights activities to collect nearly 10 million yuan counterfeit products. Yesterday, the investigators showed some of the counterfeit goods collected and had a recyclable destruction. According to reports, in August this year,<a href="">Green Outdoor Wood Plastic Decking</a> the Golden Eagle Iger floor launch "design faction series" color, soon to be counterfeit. </p>

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