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Take that Brady: Peyton Manning to coordinator 2017 ESPYS

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The legendary quarterback left professional football beneath the best of circumstances. He went out a victor with the Denver Broncos, joining old boss John Elway for the reason that only quarterbacks to win a brilliant Bowl in their remaining season.

But since that past great triumph in January 2016, Manning has done just what all famous athletes do after they retire -- he's washed out from public view. Sure, there are still a lot of bad Papa John's advertising to fast forward through in your DVR, but Manning no longer sits at the midst of America's sports universe.

To top it away, his old rival, Tom Brady, has continued to flourish. Brady won another Super Bowl and remains -- almost impossibly -- on the height of his power at an age as soon as Manning had already converted. It's starting to look inevitable that through the time Brady finally retires (this can be an assumption), he will own every one of Manning's passing records, in addition to which 5-2 (and depending) Super Bowl advantage.

But there's still one thing Brady can't take via Manning. Peyton was a approach better host on Weekend Night Live. And now Manning will get back on the hosting well in a different capacity when this individual emcees the 2017 ESPYS within July.

"It's an honor to become asked to host the particular ESPYS, and it's even more meaningful it is the 25th year with this incredible event, " Manning said inside a statement. "The ESPYS have been an integral part of my life during my own entire career. I can still remember attending my 1st show back in 1998 prior to my rookie season inside the NFL. "

Ah yes, the 1998 ESPYS, where Norm McDonald cemented his legacy as one of the world's greatest humans. Anyway, Brady has been improving his acting chops with numerous social networking postings this offseason, and now Manning has to be able to return fire with a bunch of jokes written by people.

That's show business, baby.

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