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Solid wood floor maintain

<p>In living in the life, floor use frequency is taller, and be infected with dirt easily, daily floor maintains the job nots allow to ignore. Below, small make up everybody to bring 6 every day object to maintain clean floor method, will look rapidly. </p>
<p>1 refined salt: Mark having an egg leaves on the floor, Wooden Veranda Fence can stick in the egg place spill on a few refined salt, over- 10-15 sweeps the floor after minute, the egg mark on the floor is easy eliminate. </p>
<p>2. Salad oil, milk and tea: When brushing a floor, a few salad oil are added in water, can make a floor very shining. The milk that perhaps uses ache slightly adds a few vinegar, not only can decontamination, and can brush very brilliantly.Composite Timber Decking Malaysia For Balcony Additional, the bilge on paint floor, can obliterate with strong tea juice. Brush smear on kitchen floor with the beehive coal ash that has burned, asperse bit of vinegar to pull floor board on mop again next, get rid of very easily smear. </p>
<p>3. With the candle: Remain combustion candle head stockpile to rise, should collect a certain quantity of when, its core of candle of mincing take out, call its the quantity, join the turpentine that waits for a quantity in candle, park lies between water boil in the boiler of cold water, make the candle is dissolved, the refrigeration in coal tub falling after agitate new age diy patio floor Brush a floor to make relaxed and save labour, the floor wax before using can heat a bit. </p>
<p>4. Match lotion oneself: Soft soap is put in caldron, blanch earth, soda each 450 grams and the water of 2270 milliliter mix adequately, them boil boils the half to original bulk, in cool next and stocking coal tub, reserve.Pvc Composite For Balconies With brush the smear that touchs this fluid to brush clean floor to go up forcedly, can brush down floor grain normally, what be cleaned with hot water next and make is dry. </p>
<p>5. Thick buck: There is the oil stains of grease and so on on the floor, solution of thick stone buck cleans usable boil, use the dough that blanchs earth and hot hydration to become in the clothe on smear next, maintain to be cleaned again in the evening, if be necessary,can repeat undertake. </p>
<p>6 adhesive plaster and cleaner: Scatter fragment of full ground glass is breakneck. If naked eye looks so that see, if become,stick a; with agglutinant adhesive plaster farinaceous, answer to touch water to be ****ed with cotton, perhaps scatter some of meal bead, stick its rise, **** with cleaner again. Also can use a wet soap to press on the floor with dispersed glass brush, vitreous bits can be stuck it is on soap piece, blow it at any time fall to be pressed again, until cleared end till. </p>

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