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environmental protection floor

<p>People buys a floor to value environmental protection property more and more now, many businessmen also realise this, the product with regard environmental protection as the mainest in succession publicizes a dot.How Much of Composite Deck Cost However, some illegal businessman benefit on the market pay attention to the psychological old write an essay of environmental protection with people, attestation of sham environmental protection, perhaps play tricks on fittings, complementary makings, let not the true bogus of consumer difficult differentiate of know the business. </p>

<p>In Beijing floor of a compound wood sells market of some building materials in field, chinese environment indicates the label of attestation is very marked. Ask for attestation to the salesperson when the reporter certificate and examine when the report, the salesperson cannot be shown however. A personage inside course of study says to the reporter: how to build curved outdoor bench Businessman of a lot of floors uses &ldquo; now the class that the method of sham green attestation increases him, had this ticket, price can sell a few more expensively. Even some &lsquo; 3 exchange data secretly without floor manufacturer, privately alter technology reports.</p>

<p>Additional, a lot of consumer pay close attention to the environmental protection function of floor itself only when product of choose and buy, to floor glue, floor the environmental protection problem of the fittings such as mat, skirting board, complementary makings often takes seriously not quite however. Actually, the fittings of the floor, Porch Balcony Flooring complementary makings often hides of killer of environmental protection . In floor installation process, can use many floor gum. When buying a floor board, offer free installation by the businessman normally, floor glue is give along with the floor. Excellent floor glue price is high, the businessman of type of very much small mill often chooses cheap common glue, it is inferior glue even. </p>

<p>Most and ligneous skirting board uses the adhesive that contains formaldehyde in producing a course. And, the surface of skirting board cannot be accomplished compact in that way like floor surface, in normal use procedure, the free formaldehyde in base material is released very easily, cause pollution to indoor air environment.adding to wood deck designs on a slope  When compound wood floor is installing aggrandizement, can be between the ground and floor laid floor mat. The environmental protection issue that the floor pays often is ignored, often make a spot as yet untouched by a political movement of domestic environmental protection. </p>

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