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Silverhawk Boot Upgrades - rs.

So we've all been there, right?
We are about for getting our skilling on, and we are gearing up within the relevant outfit and [url=]Cheap Runescape Gold[/url]. And then we view them. Sitting there in the lending company tab, almost mocking us. The silverhawk boots.
We all love in which agility xp, particularly when it's whilst doing something more important.
But oh. The skill outfit we want to wear... it's a set bonus only.

Perhaps... just perhaps... this is a possiblity to make them a little more niftier (I'm effectively aware they're pretty op witout a doubt but hear me out and about. )
Perhaps, for a treasure hunter promotion... There could be tokens or crystals or one thing. Something little and whatnot. That could be used upon the silverhawks, to make them compatible with other skilling outfits therein definitely not losing the bonus, but still being capable to gain agility xp and consume the feathers. Multiskilling is definitely something of course you like, and silverhawk boots are another thing no doubt you like (even if we all don't admit it).

Very similar to just how they're compatible for use while using the Nimble outfit, (that is, you can wear silverhawk boots as opposed to nimble boots).

Perhaps there could always be little skilling upgrade crystals to make use of on them... so you could maybe wear your silverhawks and stay gaining that delicious, delicious agility xp, whilst in shark go well with. Or diviners gear. Or your botanist. Or whatever else you're wearing to obtain the most out of your own hard earned grind increases.

There's plenty of you who'll obviously say
"But Yfe! This is stupid. You're stupid. Silverhawk boots op already".
Okay. Cool. Opinion noted.

This suggestion is for those who love their silverhawks (regardless of whether you admit it or not). But think perhaps they are often improved upon... maybe added to... made more versatile, made more compatible.

Anyway. Thanks for reading. Just an idea, of course: )

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