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Kirk Cousins staying up past bedtime to view Wizards

The Washington Wizards will fulfill the Boston Celtics in Game 7 on ( do you  need to [url=]Buy Fifa Coins Ps[/url]) the Eastern Conference Semifinals this evening. Get crazy, Kirk Cousins!

Kirk Cousins ✔ @KirkCousins8
Pumped for the @WashWizards video game tonight. I'm staying up
5: 08 AM - 16 May 2017
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The Wizards and Boston celtics tip off at 8 s. m. on the East Seacoast. The game will likely end in the neighborhood of 10: 30, which, based on the words of Cousins' tweet, is past his regular bedtime.

So while his own head coach will not commit at the quarterback situation beyond the 2017 year, it's good to view Kirk Cousins is resting well. Playing on a one-year commitment that pays $24. 94 million guaranteed will do that for a gentleman.

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