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signs of wood flooring market

<p>otherwise Must be closed, stop, and turn. If the enterprise continues to produce,<a href="">non slippery composite decking review</a>  the technical supervision and administration departments at all levels and the relevant administrative law enforcement departments will give economic penalties and pursue legal liability. However, the reporter learned that, as a technical body, since the implementation of the national production license system on the wooden floor, the Shenzhen Institute of measurement and quality of the Institute has issued more than 500 copies of free training to the notice, but as of now, the recovery of Notice only 3 copies, cost to install wood plank paneling on ceilings in Bahrain   Shenzhen to obtain the production license of the wood flooring business only the elephant and Tim Bai Li two.</p>
<p> Shenzhen flooring market supervision embarrassing heavy State Administration of Quality Supervision, No. 205, 2005 Announcement: Since December 31, 2005, no production license of the enterprise shall not produce the product,<a href="">composite planks instead of wood</a>  the sales unit shall not sell no production license products. However, according to the reporter learned that the relevant departments did not investigate signs of wood flooring market. The responsible person said that since the quality supervision departments responsible for the source of law enforcement, industrial and commercial departments responsible for the law enforcement division of law enforcement clear,best floating floors for kitchens and baths the situation for the investigation of the flooring market is: As registered in Shenzhen, most of the wood flooring factory factories are not located in Shenzhen.</p>
<p>The government departments can only check whether the wood flooring market is counterfeit,<a href=''>immitation wood fence panel</a>  and according to the national, the province's unified action to organize some seasonal investigation. Wood flooring industry associations are only known to collect membership fees, the quality of the members of the enterprise simply do not ask. Certified brands have no choice but to adjust the market strategy Reporters interviewed in Shenzhen, the production license of the two wood flooring business one of the Tim Bai Li, Tim Bai Li,affordable sound blocking fence deputy general manager Houhuahua look helplessly said that China is the largest wooden floor Market, before they put their eyes on the domestic market.</p>

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