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Wood plastic heating for the circular economy Tim power

Wood-plastic composite materials research and development began in the 1990s, more than ten years later than abroad. Since the late 90s of the last century, with the United States took the lead in the wood packaging from China to limit the development of China's wood-plastic materials and technology into a rapid development period. At the beginning of this century, China's wood-plastic industry has gradually become a prototype.
At present, the domestic R & D of wood-plastic materials are structural, decorative, packaging and special types of several major types, including wire, profiles, plates and profiles and other series, its scope can cover almost logs, Steel, aluminum and other similar composite materials are now used in the field. Has been involved in the application of wood-plastic materials, including wall skirts, windowsill, sleeves, floors, corridors, partitions, ceiling, fence, package edge, fence, trestle, bathroom, doors and windows sets, rest booths, garage, Furniture accessories, water lanes, open-air seats, stairs, outdoor platforms, container panels, sports seats, light rail noise walls, multi-functional wall partitions, highway noise walls, etc., and began to penetrate the building, home improvement, logistics, packaging , Gardens, municipal, environmental protection and other industries, the annual GDP is increasing year by year, the market prospects are very broad. Therefore, I believe that: China's wood-plastic composite materials industry has reached a new round of development of the 'critical point'.
By the policy Dongfeng, 'wood plastic hot' rise
Wooden plastic, also known as ecological wood, is mainly made of waste plastic and branches, tree branches, rice husk, agricultural straw and other plant fiber as raw materials, widely used in packaging, garden, transportation, construction, home improvement, Wait. It combines the advantages of 'wood' and 'plastic', and has many advantages such as environmental protection, water resistance, decay resistance, pest control, flame retardant, recyclable and so on. It is a kind of low-carbon, green and Cycle 'material. Wood-plastic products according to their common raw materials can be divided into two different categories of PVC and PE, with a variety of colors, bright colors, complete specifications, different shapes, plasticity, strong texture of wood and other characteristics, for indoor, even more Decorative performance of the unique.
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