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Mole Pups (Hunter) - rs

My Idea is that baby moles might be an alternative way to coach hunter and to receive bird nests by getting them and trading 10 little one skins for 2-3 nests.

You can start by actually talking to Wyson in Falador Park. He will then explain that lately he has seen a boost in baby mole exercise around his garden and also he’ll ask you for help all of which will reward ( THE LINK OF 07 Runescape Gold) you for your time and effort.

To get there you dig one of many holes in Falador Park and you’ll see a little mound of dirt near the entrance and uncover that with a spade to locate a nesting chamber full of little mole pups(roughly the size of the mole pet).

You need to established a box trap and you could optionally bait all of them with king worms giving a small increase for the trap not to fail.

You will need a hunter amount of 50. For each mole caught you’ll gain 120 seeker exp and it’ll become roughly 30k exp each hour.

You could trade in 10 these skins by talking to help Wyson and he provides you with 2-3 bird nests frequently.

Edit: It would be a fresh way to spice up hunter and will be an alternative way to assemble birds nests. I think overall it's a wise idea and should be implemented in to the game.

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