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wood products to China's flooring every month

<p>The wood includes the wood products of the Group's forests and the wood purchased by the company.<a href=''>attaching privacy fence to deck</a> Jiang said that since next month, Jin Ying will supply 50 containers of wood products to China's flooring every month and is expected to increase its monthly supply to up to 200 containers by January each year. The estimated value of each container timber product is about $ 10 million to $ 35,700.inexpensive outdoor flooring tile Jin Ying expects the annual supply of wood to China's flooring as of the end of March next year and the next year, respectively, up to 1,600 containers and 2,400 containers, and the average monthly supply value will reach 2.9 million US dollars and 436 million US dollars.</p>
<p>According to floor experts pointed out that the domestic production process has been quite mature and perfect, this is not much difference between domestic and foreign.<a href=''>building instructions for privacy fence panels on a slope</a> There are three main differences between imported flooring and domestic flooring. The choice of wood is different. Abroad for the timber age, tree species have strict requirements, such as Switzerland Lucerne floor, which uses the Swiss 50 to 100 years old tree species, tree species of pine, and processed within 90 days. In the country, due to the small forest cover area, the age of wood is not large,wood composite floor iran usually choose 5 to 10 years old tree species, and tree species. Concerned about the degree of environmental protection.</p>
<p> Foreign countries have always focused on human care, the products produced by the absolute will not be harmful, the amount of formaldehyde content of additives excessive floor products,<a href=''>the cost for building a wood fence</a> for the big brands, no compliance will not be standard, can not be sold, manufacturing products pay more attention to Consumers' products must be environmentally friendly. While the domestic flooring market is full of formaldehyde over the phenomenon of excessive use of healthy flooring products are not effective protection. Production monitoring efforts are different.building pergola on deck oman  Foreign businessmen will spend money to constantly improve the floor production line, better to achieve a full range of monitoring and operation.</p>

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