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vaciosinrostro, ur are talking to legendary dp players. talk more polite
kekero123 Post at 18-Aug-2012 19:35

He is the one who started saying " F u c "k  ME off! SO i just gave him the same word he gave me! And i dont care anyway! since im a Legendary Dpod Player also!


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Reply 32# oliveyou

    the very irony loh, where is your guts to comment with your more notable username? bring your 5 lo im here

on the other note, please dont comment if you have no intention or ability to take up this challenge, be relevant, thank you.


u talk like shit..challange noob people at dp only..go win tourney pls...


Yah! I think, Say Pro deserve what he gets, he only want to gain prominence by beating & feeding from Dpod Noobs players!


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Reply  oliveyou

    the very irony loh, whe ...
SAY_PRO_PLZ Post at 19-Aug-2012 01:24

    Fyi , oliveyou is kekero123 . Funny isn't it , how he calls you a pro using his kekero123 acc then says you're a noob with his oliveyou acc . Heh .


Reply 34# Ace_XXL

    are you stupid or illiterate? can't you read that my teammates are having their final exams soon ? im literally using this raya holiday to see how much dp's "best" has developed and to have fun ofcourse. any one posting flame bait from now on will be instantly banned.


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Reply 36# SmD-bBbanana-

    thanks for the info, even the trolls these days are not up to the standard of the old times. disappointing.
sorry for the double post

Reply 35# SpiderBoy

    This is amazing, you are claiming yourself as one of the "noobs" of the dotapod. Please have some self respect.
Dont all talk, someone please form a 5. Im getting bored here.


SPP I dont know if u remember me, I guess u do cause I have played with you on dotapod and a couple of games in dota 2 (DP4eva)....

Dotapod is worse than u think. I play here maybe 2-3 times a month just to see the levels and they literally ****. When dotapod was at the peak I was prolly an average player, now even I laugh at the level of noobs they have to offer....

I have played with u guys a couple of times(dice, u,arkzero and 1 more... Its ****ing scary even when you guys do timepass) and even if you'll pick troll,pa,void,sylla and drow u can beat the so-called best team of dotapod 50-0....

Its kinda sad to see what dotapod has become, there are just a handful (2-3) of players who are worth playing against..

P/S - The thread u just opened is probably the most active thread in like the last 8 months...
riki - bash n MOM vs diffu


WTF! So much ban and Delete of account here.....


You know, actually this challenge really isn't that hopeless if swift continues and play, jming and rambokoi comes and start the raping session, if spp is lag, or if spp has a team of shit, then it is of course very possible and likely that a team of me, my bro, swift, rambokoi, jming, tomme, tyrion, onizuka,ikmryoona to take him down. However, nowadays i find no happiness in winning pros and boosting my ego, considering the fact that i play fake accounts and theres no ego to boost, and i find more happiness at laughing at noobs


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