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The Challenge

Post Last Edit by SAY_PRO_PLZ at 23-Aug-2012 22:07

I hereby challenge all the players in Dotapod into a 5 vs 5 Captain Mode Game
I'm doing this for the sake of Dotapod's future competitive scene and the potential players.

In order to challenge me, you will have to form a team of 5 players.Platform,Date and time will be confirmed after contacting me.

Skype: whydothistome
Garena: makeyoustfu

Time zone: UTC/GMT +8 hours

The reward will be loads of sheer happiness and ego after taking me down.

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Awesome, give me a date and time and add me.


Reply 1# SAY_PRO_PLZ

How do you plan on streaming it live, especially with the well known fact that Malaysia's Internet speed is generally not as fast and good as other countries in Asia? o.O??


Reply 6# Banana.Net

    My internet is really fast now, up to 10mbps and 20 sometimes.

Reply 7# kekero123

  Please ask them to play, you will be the first batch of players from dp that will face my team


why you don't just form a ****ing Team and go compete other competitive game just make sure the name of the team is Dpod Team... of course ask permission first fomr Dpod Creator.! everybody here know your a MHER so no need to prove to us, Prove to other Platform that Dpod Exist, and they should try Dpod!


can i invite fitri razak, erlius etc...????


Rofl the other team just watch ur stream while playing. Free MH


Reply 11# kekero123

Kekero not MHer I know, coz he loose always in the games i played, But say Pro is a certified MHer since the beginning of Dpod. I can vouch for it!


me soooo pro...untill want quit play dota...


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