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What is this problem?

I got this error showed Error101 when i clicked the java file for this "all pick switch on Apple". I can join "all pick" for the time being but today, I can't join the "all pick" too. what's happening?? Anybody have any ideas???

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Post Last Edit by konukan at 10-May-2012 00:58

dotapod is simply dead....


i send this error since 1 month ago to sprion... im still waiting


I don't understand your question can you answer these?

1. Did this issue just happen?
2. Did you try joining again from the website? (Do not reopen the java file from your computer, get the new one from the website)
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Yes, I got this problem after beta become official. I always download the new java file. Now, it always shows error101 email sprion for this problem when I join "All pick switch on" singapore server.


I want to complaint about one admin named MassiveAtttack. He keep joining the game and before the loading ends, he quit. He make us hang on that loading page. We can't kick him out because he is admin. Please do sth about him


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