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Spoilers in Dotapod

Check this lowlife out guys no skills so use two computers to spoil games.
the Huskar and the Furion is the same guy spoiling games
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now day alot of noob. want feed also hard. where r the pro ....RGC..?


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u stupid, they wan spoil let them spoil la, u kpcb wat???

see this thread ... o=lastpost#lastpost

u tink mod can do anything??? I jus nid open thread scold them, and get unban. Vewy easy, sohai kia. SEE how the MeNoob cb get unban after he go open thread scold ppl.


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MOD are useless lah.... this website is dead.... MAssiveAttack ..teach me how to hang player during start game... hahahahah and let them hang there for ever


Banana Boat also a noob


Want to hang the game ? Or you wanna KNOW HOW TO CRASH A SERVER ? Down for a few hours ?


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