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Name Change

Hey Community,

I wanna Ask out if Name change feature arrives in dotapod who would like to change thier names

Best Regards

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want a new name? make a new acc. problem solved.
_l_ (:


why want new name ? isit current name very bad Reputation as feeder?


No personal attacks i made this post just to ask Player simply say yes or No!! With 8 to 10 words reason

Best regards


That's a great idea 007Harsh. However, I really don't see the point of adding a name change feature for PROFILE'S, since it would affect some of the things we already have running here in dotapod (Example: Statistics - will need to rewrite how the script runs for that page, and that alone is not an easy task to do). But, I do see the possibility of having an option to change your username from the date of creation to your alternative choice, but only for a limited number of day/time (s) (This would be more efficient for new registrations, and more doable for the site programmer to add as an option for all user profile's here in Dotapod).

Should you have any other concerns related to this, I would suggest, that you, PM'ed sprion, our founder, and share some of your ideas to make our community an even more friendlier place for DOTA players.

Play Well! Pawn Hard!

Jah Bless,


Reply 6# Rastafar-I

    Rastaraf, long time not see you btw, u ar the best player


lolz deltz i sense sarcarsm


hihi.. if u sense it I think u wrong abot  my rply for Rastafar becoz, he is the best teammates since I played last year.


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