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i just want to understand

Hi everyone,

I posted this thread as i am curious, concerned and annoyed as to why i am still banned from ap. I have been banned from ap for at least 1 month and i can only join apso. I just want to know why this is and how it can be fixed.

Thankyou, and please no pointless and stupid comments that will not help.

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Leaving a game before it ends (more than 5 minutes before the game ends)
Reliability / Stay rate < 75% all games.

this is the current ban rule

Best regards


but i didnt leave they kicked me for having like 4 deaths saying i was 'feeding' and my stay rate is 82% :O


Reply 3# 007Harsh

you said if your stay rate is under 75% you cant join ap

well, what do you have to say for this...

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