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Why i am getting uncorrected BANNED? Pls help

Post Last Edit by ProCinaMelayu at 22-Apr-2012 14:52

What the **** is this? How do i get unbanned? This is really pathetic. I'm not leaver why i am getting banned? This is not fair.

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You'll be automatically banned if:
Your stay percent drops below 75%,
You leave a game more than 5 minutes before it ends.

According to the website the server referred you to-,282.0.html
play it fair ≥


It's wrong le.
Here is my stats.

  ProCinaMelayu Score: 964

    Games Played: 35
    Last Game: 2012-04-22
    Reliability: 92.11%
    Win Percentage: 48.6
    Win / Loss (Ratio): 17 / 18 (0.94)


make an appeal then
play it fair ≥


I think this is only possible if u leave beta games, or !ff !forfeit.

so next time don leave games for no reason, the system will autoban you.


Cause you noob


cuz u weak (:
_l_ (:


you're too noob,, zzzz cry baby cry


Please do not reply inappropriately to the member posting this thread, as he is desperately needing assistance on his concern. This is not the place to reply in a rude, bad-mannered, and uneducated manner. Please take note, he has real concerns that needs rectification. If you have nothing important or helpful to augment his case, Please,  sit still, and contemplate hard on how you can assist him, instead of trolling nonsense. Thanks!

p.s.  It is each and everyone's right to post/voice/air any, I mean anything that would make our community, Dotapod, a better place for us GAMERS!

Play Well, Pawn Hard!

Jah Bless!

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stupid apso always make me DC on game...idk why...connection good still dc..sprion please fix this..i think java is the java=DC


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