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>>Hello<< Att!!! Mod Banana.Net......

Post Last Edit by deltz115 at 13-Apr-2012 07:41

why need ban me, Im not doing anything wrong ..jst feed once game..
I dont want it happen too..

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eh same here i can't join dev games ban my ip why is that!!
i neh feed!


do u leave the game directly??


Post Last Edit by Banana.Net at 13-Apr-2012 07:54

Reply 1# deltz115

Oh please. I did not ban you (even though u should be coz of leaving). I only said so nia. What made u think i did ( just becoz I said so in game? -.- )


BANANA is not a MODERATOR,,, he just VIP,,,
he always act like a GOOD GOOD,,,,
wan show to people He got a power,,and can ban people he want,,


lol he is vip/mod


jokers nowadays are getting funnier than ever. every time I try to warn ppl not too leave game, leavers will be banned, some idiots will come around saying "u don scare me", or "stfu", etc etc

when they get banned they will complain either "oh I donno" or "I din do anything wrong"

of coz I am not talking about deltz, he is quite a ok player in my opinion


Reply 5# MyM-Purple

Take a good look at my extended group status before you talk and embarrass urself -.-


deltz is a spoiler :|
sven full hp full mana use regen rune
I lose even though i play good
coz i lost steps


Post Last Edit by deltz115 at 14-Apr-2012 05:09

Post Last Edit by deltz115 at 14-Apr-2012 05:07

Reply 8# Banana.Net

Im very sorry if Im doing anything wrong, btw.. Im a newbie here.. Thank you for your advice
and guide me to improve my skills. You such a good Mod.....
p/s on the game, all player force me to leave.. Im very sorry about that.


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