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Big problem with !votedraw in 3v5. also for those who wanna learn morph

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So i was playing in -apso (apple or singapore i forgot). Then the game ended up with me switched over to sentinel from scourge and it ended up as a 3v5. Eventually opponents all died (after a long game) and then they all typed 'gg' and spammed !votedraw. The problem is there were only 8 people but the votedraw required 5/5 to pass. So i teleported to bottom rushed the throne and 2 hits before the throne go boom the last loser !votedraw-ed it too.

I'd upload the replay but i need someone to teach me how or at least how to change it to english. and if im not mistaken directly uploading it wont work? So yeah all help will be appreciated. Long game wasted time aside, the stats would probably not show? but anyways fix this please. Tq

p/s: Also for those who wanna play morphling, a little rough start but you'll get the idea. just view from my point of view

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playing morph is easy as abc


Reply 2# EnningLiu

    thats why if you solo mid agianst me sure rape me with morph eh? ^_^


Stfu that morph is different he can come anywhere and can pwn you with 1 hit! GG
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lol? if votedraw i think the stats will show, but the game will be shown as - DRAWN, not SENTINEL - WINNER ; SCOURGE - LOSER


Morph have to hit 1 to win the game and we votedraw! Right loki?
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So i was playing in -apso (apple or singapore ...
EOM.Cross.MY Post at 19-Mar-2012 15:47

    Wheres the replay? I wanna learn from your imba morphling
You can upload it to and share the link here


well dp bunch of sore losers u cant help it just go garena play wif me (:
_l_ (:


Reply 5# STUDENT

    problem is the stats didn't show =/ but anyway it was unfair for us since we won fair and square :< they just votedraw-ed right beofre throne went boom

Reply 7# hjhiadb

    err just directly upload the file? dont need to .zip or .rar it? no la where got imba. nub only :<

Reply 8# unclepaul

    got team?


Thats a good morph, Thanks for the mediafire upload


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