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A brief introduction to the L35B14N clan.

Good evening my fellow Dotapod compatriots. I am L35B14N_2 from the latterly formed L35B14N clan where we accredit the presence of effective partisanship between our affiliates. We maybe beginners or as the internet language proclaims "Noobs," but we have managed a clean victory over the more advanced and sophisticated players of the Dotapod community. The sole purpose of this post is to remind and reinforce the effectiveness of good camaraderie can help us overcome any possible and upcoming challenges. Stay hungry, stay foolish.

"You will find men who want to be carried on the shoulders of others, who think that the world owes them a living. They don't seem to see that we must all lift together and pull together." --Henry Ford ( The gentlemen who stimulated the American Economy during the golden age of the 1920s with his idea of the assembly line)

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That was a very sentimental and humble approach to the local Dotapod community. A very well concluded introduction indeed. Well done old chap!


By "more advanced and sophisticated players" you mean me. I'm not that fat to be "players" in any sense.

I mean if breaking up pubs is your idea of reminding us that good teamwork stands above all, then no shit, Sherlock.
zxc you are dead.


u penis big? not den **** off


LESBIAN clan... damn... world going to hell dfntly!!!


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Challenge accepted. Lets see how many pro players you can beat in dotapod in a fair fight.
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Oh wai, its the top in dotapod ---swift---!!!!

Try beating him before ya talk.


Hey Lesbians.. srly.. like DCBA said.. challenge accepted))

so lets make a game btw ur clan, and some good players of DP....

what about tmrow, at 4 pm. in Sparky APSO. ( so everyone could check the record of the game)

me and madibeast reserved 2 slots, OThers good players.. and OFC SWIFT AND DCBA plz join.

PS defenatly in DP so many pro players, so there will be 1 slot more. WHO want ? ))

and dear LESBIANS, u have to come. Prove us that 5 (honestly pathetic players) could overcome bunch of loosers from TOP LIST of DP players ... ( not talking about myself, not there yet) )))))


Nah my bro also come. Full house yo.


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