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Lets make Dp Improve!!!

Less Game
DC and some Laggy problem!!!

No Record now So many leaver in game.

Last year Dp is a good place and many member.

I am new here.

But I know all about Dp.

I make this thread with no offense...
I like Dp.
But Need to repair it.
I make this thread because some ppl said "this pod is dead dude"....I dun want dp to be like that.....Its a good server for MAC user..

No offense guys
Just saying..........

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You can't win to me ,you  reach your limit now.
BANKAI!! Senbonz Zakura Kageroshi...

You wana help improve it ? Call Sprion and ask him what the **** is going on .

Le` Pisang was never here .


Reply 2# eT-Banana

when people give opinion then people reply like this..
shame as member of DP...


i think this might be the time for someone to start another site for mac users, is this a non profit site?


sprion is sick or RIP ? any update about him ?


Be patient guys , DP will be improve  soon as possible..


ok. cool. can someone create antoher site for mac users?

else i guess theres no hope. i doubt sprion is too busy to care abt DP. unless he has loads of free time
300 rocks :)


Think sprion is really really busy. He doesnt have time for DP, i dun blame him though but still...
riki - bash n MOM vs diffu


Sprion is busy, but if u donate here he wont


maybe he is giving up on DP bcoz of Steam


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