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DotaPod Gaming Rules

Last updated: 18th July 2011

Rules can be changed as we try to achieve the world's best & friendliest place to play DotA.

  • I General:

    • Common Sense

      All of these rules here are guidelines rather than rules. Common sense from the side of the mediators and admins can and will overrule any other rule stated here, although this will usually happen only as an exception.

    • No Leaving

      If you leave a game, you will be automatically punished. No exceptions!

      It doesn't matter if you left on purpose or accidentally. It doesn't matter if your internet died, router fail or your pc froze. Do NOT appeal for leaver ban. You waste ours and your own time.

    • No Multiple accounts. 1 account per computer.

      You're not allowed to have more than one account per computer unless you declare multiple family members etc. This is especially important to do so early after joining DotaPod as it's more believable. A brother suddenly appearing 6 months after you started playing here is more than a bit suspicious.
      Don't ever let others use your account on their own pc. This will cause you both to be banned.
      Playing in a net cafe is not possible unless the owner has approved the net cafe on our website.

    • This is a Privilege

      Playing on DotaPod is a privilege. It's not your right. We can disable or delete an account at our discretion.

    • Connection Issues

      Make sure that your connection is stable and will not die while in a game. We have reconnection features to safeguard against this happening but it's not a guarantee that you will always reconnect. Check that your disconnect timing won't hit during the time you are playing. Be sure that you won't be disturbed and don't have to leave suddenly. No excuses for leaving.
      You get one FREE disconnect per 100 games, for emergency use. This is coded into our penalty system. No one should need more than that.

    • Choose the right Games

      It is your duty to choose the right game/server to play on. If you're causing the game to be not enjoyable due to permanent lagging or frequent disconnects, it may get you banned. You can use the ping checker to see what games/servers are suitable for you. (A ping below 100ms is recommended)
      If we do not have a game/server near you, or all game pings are high, please DO NOT join any games since you will ruin them for yourself and others. Consider getting a VIP account, if you want a game in your area. *OR* If you're interested in allowing us to use a server you own, please contact us.

  • II Behavior:

    • No hate

      Flaming is tolerated to a certain degree, as long as it is for fun or tactical, and only if it's directed towards your enemies and is regarding the game.
      If it's no fun or becomes too much, i.e. Personal attacks or someone is legitimately offended then it has gone too far and is not allowed, and you are required to apologize.

    • No Whining

      Don't make your team feel bad or demoralize your team by whining about how lost a game is. No one wants to hear that.
      Also don't make bad players feel bad. It won't help the game. Rather give them tips on how to play better or explain to them what they're doing wrong.

      For example...
      Rushing refresher on treant is pointless since he hasn't got enough mana to use 2x ulties + refresher. It's better if you build (insert suggestion)... also, please get boots.

    • No Offensive Language

      This means: No racism, sexism or anything like that. We won't tolerate it. This applies to the chatbox, forum as well as in game.

    • No Spamming

      Spamming in chat, or using bot commands excessively is forbidden. No one likes a cluttered screen.

    • Common Decency / Courtesy

      Be nice. Don't be rude. Especially towards players perceived less skillful than yourself. Also remember the moderators/admins. Chances are you will end up in a game with them. Say hello.

    • Speak English

      Please always use English. If you speak another language and someone asks you nicely to speak english instead (e.g. "english pls"), you have to speak english or explain why you aren't. Whether the reason is appropriate or not will be decided according to rule (I.1)

  • III Game Related:

    • None for DotA

      Everything the DotA map allows you to do (on purpose and by design) is allowed. That does not mean, that you're allowed to abuse bugs, since they are not in the maps code by design or purpose. Report bugs that are found to us or directly to Icefrog.
      This means:
      Backdooring is allowed and no item restrictions per team.

    • No Bug Abuse

      As already mentioned in rule (III.1), using bugs in the map or the bot is strictly forbidden. If we catch you doing that, you will get a very severe penalty.

    • No Game Spoiling

      You may do everything the map allows you to according to rules (III.1) and (III.2), but that does not mean you're allowed to buy an army of chickens and send them to the enemy or similar. If you purposefully play to harm your team it will get you banned.

    • No Hacks

      Programs like maphacks, manabars and similar are not allowed. Only Dota Theme Manager and Hotkey programs are allowed. Macro's and scripts are also forbidden.

    • Stay Up-to-date

      Keep your programs updated, always have the right Warcraft III / Wc3 version (listed in game information) and the right map (also listed in game information). If you have the wrong Warcraft III / Wc3 version you might cause a desync and get banned. Log onto before you join a game and it will automatically update it for you. Or check & download here.

  • IV Bot Related:

    • No Bug Abuse

      As well as in games, if you find a bug in our software (i.e. Bot or Website) you must report the bug in the Bug Report forum, unless somebody already reported it recently. Abusing bugs in the software will get you banned.

    • No Command Abuse

      Every command in the host bots have a specific purpose. Using the commands otherwise (e.g. spamming !ping) is a major offense. This includes purposefully using !pause while there is something important going on on the map (e.g. team fight, hero pursuit etc.)

    • No Game Saving

      Saving the game is forbidden unless every player in the game agrees to the process. If a game is saved and then continued on a private host (continuing on DotaPod is not possible), the results of that game do not count and should be removed. Contact an admin to do this for you.


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What if im owning and i send my chicken ninjas to oppo side for fun? allowed or not


Reply 2# Feeder|Satan

    well make sure you win, or your teammates or opponents can complaint and win the case.
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ive done that many the case is my team was losing like 30 sec.b4 game over all tower were gone.i sold my all items and buy courier and also buy bkb,I let the bird use bkb and damn,,,he become a large phoenix with sheild hahah,,,larger than a hero..lmao
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Bit strict but probably neccesary to maintain good games. Btw r u a new moderator i havent seen u b4 ive been inactive for a month though just shifted from india to singapore
riki - bash n MOM vs diffu


I agree with the spirit of the rules.  Kudos to Psion for taking the time to think them through and posting them.  However, I feel that they are a bit harsh.  And because of that, they will be difficult to enforce.  No one is perfect, so there needs to be a bit more leeway, flexibility and tolerance.  DP players who stay long enough will mature into better community members.   So let's not alienate them from the very start!


T-up on all.

Now, how to apply it is the problem.


Did stats checking change?
Before:Under friends i can check my stats
Now:I nid to click friends>my clan>under friends>stats check
Is it a bug or did it change



But still you can access it from some pages like the Clan page


but very troublesome


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