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I left retail WoW Classic at the first place

Same goes, with better menus and controls. I would change a lot of things in games I adore. Not WoW Classicplay, but let us say inventory control options and stuff.

You probably think, that you are"Hardcore" wow classic gold participant, which means you are kind a above everyone else. I really don't think that classic is just if you was there at time. It is for everybody, who enjoys games that are hard. And Blizzard undestands that, if there'll be just freaks playingugly images there is no purpose for them to make a game.

It will impact my gameplay since new character versions attracts the swag fags, anime fans, pedos, and ****ing children. That's the whole reason I left retail WoW Classic at the first place, to ESCAPE that kind of toxicity. Additionally, I really don't want to roll up a personality and have it be seen as one of the character models.

The new character models seem cheesy and retarded, and the majority of them seem like they run and walk as if they have a dick in their ass or seem as they love ****ing one also (particularly the female toons). If these new character models are on Classic, I am not enjoying and I know. And they are already WoW Classic with shared loot sharding, and other garbage up. Vintage is beginning to look like retail, just minus the xpacs.

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There should be a lot of things in the game.


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