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The way to clean the kitchen

Kitchen is the kingdom of women where spend the whole day between the cooking and the tasks of cleaning hard for this, the simplest possible to provide them are some recipes tried to facilitate those tasks to save time and effort.

Fat accumulate in the kitchen with its contents of stove, suction window, food cabinet, marble and even flooring ..!

This is because the volatile oils used in food are mixed with hot fumes, reduce their density and become more volatile and accumulate on the surfaces and walls in your kitchen, which makes it easier for you to clean them as it is a sticky layer is still easy.

10 Instructions to remove difficult stains in your kitchen:
1 - Before cleaning the stove or cooker in your kitchen you need to use paper towels to clear the accumulated fat, which absorbs most of the oils, which sheds the cleaning process; also can be used before starting to clean and polish marble and walls.

2 - Make a mixture of baking soda and warm water and then pour it on hard spots and wait for a few minutes; you can remove it with water and then dry the surface with a towel.

3 - In cases of difficult to be accumulated grease of fat you can use a deodorant specialist in its removal and recommend that you use a deodorant has a creamy strength, which has a stable on the spots as long as possible phase, unlike the liquid grease remover strength.

4 - A mixture of lemon juice with vinegar is a wonderful recipe to remove grease in the fireplace or microwave, which are composed of food residues for a long time; you can clear the surfaces of the mixture to the embers on the surface of pure and shiny.

5 - You can sterilize and disinfect the marble and flooring by pouring some coarse salt and rub it with a dry cloth and then poured drops of white vinegar after this and wipe the surfaces again and then follow the process using water to remove all the hard spots;

Consider drying the surfaces of water with dry paper towels.

6 - You can purge the boilers and aluminum pots by pouring a glass of white vinegar with a walk of water and then boiled to a high temperature and washed with water at a later date, where this recipe sterilize the contents of your kitchen and share in the form of brilliant and striking.

7 - You can also use coarse salt to remove the delicate flours of the dough and remove the pores from the floor.

8 - To remove rust stains in your kitchen and ink stains you can use baking soda with a walk of warm water and let the position dirty wire for a few minutes and then leave the powder stage and return the cascade of the last steps until you feel better results.

9 - Clean the kitchen periodically to avoid the occurrence of staining and difficult spots may remain at a later date; do not Ttklin for cleaning tasks dedicated to your kitchen.

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The kitchen is a very important space in the house. Family food is made in this space, but sometimes it will accumulate a lot of soot dirt.This method is very useful, thank you.


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