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Raiders.What is the characteristics of the marble

<p>300mm specifications, such specifications in the paving apply more diverse , Paved out of the fancy is also better, that is, need to go through cutting, the cost of more expensive. Antique wooden tiles are used in home furnishings, whether it is living room area, dining area, bedroom area, and even in the balcony can be used to paving. Paved out to give people both elegant retro, and the atmosphere on the grade. Paved in the bedroom, creating a kind of </p>
<p>American pastoral wind, together with wooden bed frame, lattice sheets, warm yellow lights, wooden wardrobe, with a person who is out of a sense of comfort can not use words to describe. 1, waterproof, moisture, imitation deformation after high temperature firing, high density, low water absorption, not due to temperature difference caused by thermal expansion and contraction of the problem. 2, anti-allergic, anti-fouling, anti-insects no solid wood floor </p>
<p>moisture decay, easy to dirty, was moth and other issues. 3, easy to clear, easy to manage, easy maintenance only routine daily clean-up, easy to save, no solid wood floor to be often conservation, waxing, paint and other trouble. 4, acid, alkali, wear resistance after high temperature firing, do not shoot acid and alkali substances, and good wear resistance, the use of more durable. 5, do not fade, not old, do not repeat the use of advanced printing technology, high </p>
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