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fifa 15 coins account on the next-gen pitch

The next-gen version of FIFA 14 on PS4 and Xbox One provided us with a great indication of what to expect over the next few years from the FIFA team in Vancouver. It took the best of its last-gen sibling and improved not only the visuals but also the gameplay with subtle tweaks that had a significant effect on the overall cheap fifa 15 account feel of the game. It was clear the hardware was allowing the development team to make the game more realistic and diverse by having more intelligent players on the next-gen pitch.

This year FIFA 15 has focused on various aspects in order to make the game feel more authentic and realistic. We have already addressed the AI and tactical changes so we will focus on the feel of the game. Starting off with Goalkeepers that have seen some significant changes. In an effort to make the keepers more realistic the development team embarked on a two-year journey to add that "human" touch. The results are mixed, with keepers now reacting more like humans but also making some mistakes that the majority of top class keepers would be able to avoid. History is repeating itself in a strange way again, as EA previously faced the same challenges when they implemented the impact engine (collision engine). In it's first year we had some odd occurrences that made for very entertaining YouTube content. Although it was a necessary and welcome addition to the sports gaming arena, moreover, it highlighted EA SPORTS dedication to pushing the boundaries of video game development. The goalkeepers in FIFA 15 seem to have a similar problem in that they either perform incredible and realistic saves that have you on the edge of your seat, or occasionally make comical errors that have you pulling your hair out. It was a risk to implement the new keepers but we believe it was one worth taking in order to develop better goalkeepers long term. Recent updates have also addressed some of the goalkeeper issues, a positive indication that the development team will continue to improve this area.

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