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Is the ordinary member(not VIP) can create game in DOTAPOD?

I have a router but it doesn't match with the example given in your video, It has different settings. Is the router that you given may be download? Is their any router that can be download to create a game?

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You mean the router in the video here?
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GUIDE: How to create private games on DOTAPOD:


Reply 1# melchrisidie


anyone can create a private game. follow Azrael links it really helps!
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Yes, that router. Its very different to my router so ican't follow. And how to open ports UDP 6112 and TCP 6112. If it did not see in my router. I think so many players did not know that because much of time no private game.


Reply 2# _AzraeL_

    Yes, that router.


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