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omg im super excited for GamesCON!!! Gonna stay home and watch live stream !!!
Reach Post at 14-Aug-2011 05:58

    Which website to watch the games live?
riki - bash n MOM vs diffu


Reply  cuzWeRnooB

Nope,nowdays games are meant to be original to play multiplayer
but of course in ...
Revof|Gen Post at 14-Aug-2011 13:48

    LOL.... Valve Corporation haven't announced pricing or is free to play. u know already geng. haha...

Valve Answers Our DOTA 2 Questions

GameSpy: What is DOTA 2's business model? Will it be free-to-play with microtransactions (similar to other recent MOBA games), or will it be a traditional purchase-to-play product?
Erik Johnson, Project Lead: We haven't announced pricing for the game just yet.


So DotAPod , Garena , RGC all will close down i guess for War3. And full of STEAM PLAYERS <3! I've alr registered. Cn't wait for one more month !! LIKE ~


Depends. DotA 2 might have a LAN connection system which will allow some servers like DP to able to play


There still hope for War3 lovers
but still.....if dota2 kick ass
i will estimate that only licensed platform will be given the right's to host
because...i don't think Valve want to lose $$ by giving out a platform to host to simply anyone that already bought the game
DotA is technically aren't free
but at the same time the cost to download is free
what aren't free is the Warcraft 3 and Frozen Throne.
so big chance its have to be paid since like dotapod
They have to:

Pay Their Employee
Pay Monthly Maintaince
Pay Webservers
Pay New Updates
Pay Promotion Cost

which aren't like dotapod,rgc,juzdota that actually supported by the admin himself and get the rest from advertising

P/s if a platform like dotapod can host a game via lan
doesn't it only take a hacker to manipulate the system and make it pirate which nowdays succeed to make it able to play campaign,extra there and here and you got access to LAN
1 people share to 4 friends and 4 people share to 20 friends and the stories goes on until can download online

Unless Valve is kind or have another $$ pipeline

get a piggybank


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Now all valve game must login steam to running the game.  
If really got lan connection oso need steam to run, so DP lan steam. .... LOL
Dota 2 just like a HoN, LoL or SC2. All oso wan $$$$$



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