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lag problem

the ping is too  high

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Reply 1# Fvcku

    Hello There,

Please provide us with more details as to help you. Which server do you play here, Sparkwin or Amazing? Which country are you from?
If Philipines please report here. How good is your internet connection?

Are you on latest Java and 1.26a version of Warcraft? Please let us know.
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the ping is too  high
Fvcku Post at 18-Jun-2011 05:51

    If you get any high ping ,try to lower your ping rate by using some of the following instructions.
1.Don't open any videos,stream and check if there any problem in your router.
2.Make sure there's no browser .exe's still running in task manager
3.Try to contact your internet service provider and get suitable data plan.
4.Use any software like Game Booster
5.Move closer to server
I am sure,if you follow the rules,you will get chance to reduce your ping rate.Finally you can check your new ping using


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