System Requirements

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You can use the Check My PC tool to check your system, or see below for details.

This is the list of system requirements:

  1. Java JRE 5 (1.6+) with Java Web Start. (Download Java | Do I have Java?)
  2. Modern web browser - Internet Explorer, Firefox recommended.
  3. Internet connection – broadband is best.
  4. For smooth gameplay we recommend a computer with at least a 1GHz processor, 256 MB RAM and of course a copy of the Warcraft III: TFT game.

Join a Game

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  1. First, select a Game you would like to join, by clicking on it.

  2. Hit the 'Play' button.

  3. You may receive a dialog, asking you to download a file. Select 'Open/Run' with the Java Web Start launcher.

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  4. If successful, the Java Web Launcher will run.

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  5. Start Warcraft, and head to the LAN area.

  6. Join the Game and play! (LAN latency)

Graphics courtesy of Jilizartt

Create a lag-free Game

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For the best experience, we recommend getting a personal DotA Game Server.
  1. Start Warcraft.

  2. Head to LAN area.

  3. Select 'Create' and pick your map.

  4. Head back to DotaPod.com > Play Online > Private > Create

  5. Hit 'Create' and enter your IP. You may specify a game version if it's not the latest. Note that only users of the same version can join your game.

  6. If everything is successful, your game will be added to the Gamelist on the Welcome and Private pages!


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Can I play maps other than DotA Allstars?

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Of course you can!


Remember this:
You can play all games on the website that you can think of! Tower defense, Lord of the Rings, Naruto, Dragon Ball etc.


Only DotA games are recorded, and its statistics kept for its players. DotaPod is primarily focused on DotA games, to keep user stats and raise the standard of gameplay.

Will my skill level affect the games I can play?

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No. You can play any games, except those that are TOO hard or TOO easy for your level. In the case when there are insufficient players, your skill level will not matter. We just want to play, ya?