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Happy 2012! New song by the Creator of DotaPod! COMMUNITY NEWS | Jan 2, 2012 | DPNews

[i=s] Post Last Edit by DPNews at 2-Jan-2012 06:23 [/i] [i=s] Post Last Edit by DPNews at 2-Jan-201... Read More »

Bug fixed - Game list not showing COMMUNITY NEWS | Jul 27, 2011 | sprion

So we implemented the new Feedback & Support system.. But apparently the new system caused a little ... Read More »

Why does he hate DotaPod? COMMUNITY NEWS | Jul 13, 2011 | sprion

After I announced that we have reached 120,000 members, seems like it generated quite a stir with so... Read More »

New song by the Creator of DotaPod! COMMUNITY NEWS | Jan 2, 2012 | sprion

Our founder has released his new single, check out the official movie soundtrack below. [youtube]... Read More »

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