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<p>wood screw Kong Zhou Wai, black oxide the larger the better, we can see in the old ship wood tea table Taobao sells sea bubble effect, their global sea area is very small, the old ship wood is basically no long time after water soaked there was good sea bubble effect, the old ship wood have several reasons: 1 the ship is very short wooden wood age remove wood, old ship wood is generally about 60 years. </p>
<p>The 2 level above the wood, which means that if the ship in the sea in the wood is in the horizontal plane above the water rather than under the wood, generally in the horizontal plane a wooden ship after decades of global seawater intrusion area has 3 great oxidation; new material to do the old fraud; so we do not understand in the case do not just look at the price, you have to look at the overall effect, </p>
<p>bought the old ship wood tea table is the kind of natural ink painting like oxidation effect and vicissitudes of life; if you want to buy a new material of why the old ship wood tea table? Two, a strong sense of the old ship wood tea table natural vicissitudes of life than smooth advection for the old ship wood on the vicissitudes of life better, vicissitudes of life is mainly reflected in the old ship wood after a long sea </p>
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