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methods. Ship Trojan mosaic construction

<p>the little book below. A ship, Trojan 1, mosaic type crystal glass mosaic crystal mosaic mosaic changed the traditional rough and low appearance, keep the ceramic mosaic diversified, three-dimensional sense of strong advantages, but also has a glass of high-grade elegant, high strength, high wear resistance characteristics, with its crystal clear, colorful, rich shape etc. the advantages in emerging markets at </p>
<p>home and abroad, is widely used in exterior wall, kitchen, bathroom, balcony and indoor decoration. 2, gold gold purity pattern glass mosaic specially developed material selection for vitrified gold 99.9%, using patented technology, using the machine instead of manual gilding in the mosaic, the shear strength of 3500 (PSI), is a traditional product with dozens of times. Even without protective paint, you can't pull </p>
<p>it with your nails. Solid glue plus the right after the mosaic can withstand the hanging net tearing experiments, until it does not fall off and gold, metal texture posted strong, gold paste and glass ceramic surface firmly, has high rigidity and abrasion resistance, can be directly applied to the bare space and humid environment. Metal mosaic can be used for walls, floors, is a strong visual impact of the decoration </p>
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