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<p>stepped up research and development of own patents and alternative new technologies, trying to use scientific research and innovation strength to deal with heavy barriers.<a href=''>decking material for grill</a><br/> Of course, the process of technological innovation is not overnight, Changzhou enterprises are still actively open up in Central Europe, South America, Africa and other new markets, hoping to "two legs" walk out of the early "cold." In 2003, Changzhou region to strengthen the export of composite flooring to a new high,cheap composite front doors the total number reached 150 batches, 562,000 square meters, is the first 3 (Figure), the first three The export volume of 10 times the total number of </p>
<p>export enterprises from three to 15, exporting countries all over the world. At present, the Changzhou area of ​​export floor composite production enterprises are mainly concentrated in the "floor of the hometown" reputation Wujin District Cuiqiao town,<a href=''>composite decking companies</a><br/> according to incomplete statistics, the town of existing composite floor production enterprises nearly 200, is well-known composite floor production The town. It is expected that in 2004, the growth rate of the composite flooring in Changzhou will be even more rapid,balcony flooring kits price which is expected to reach 1.5 million square meters, twice as much as that in 2003.Changzhou days Wood Industry Co., Ltd. </p>
<p>production of 5000 square meters of laminate flooring by the inspection and quarantine passed the smooth delivery to Germany, in order to achieve the Changzhou wood flooring to Germany exports zero breakthrough.<a href=''>Building Cabinets With WPC Norway</a><br/> Germany is the birthplace of laminate flooring production, production technology and equipment are world-class. In contrast, China's industry started late, history is short. However, in recent years, China's rapid development of wood flooring industry, Changzhou flooring industry is "thriving",advantage of composite wood pergola accounting for nearly one-third of the country's total exports. At present, produced in Changzhou, laminate flooring has </p>

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